Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Rapids avoiding the Big Smoke

Colorado Rapids have cancelled a proposed pre-season trip to London.

The Denver team were planning on getting some valuable pre-season games under their belt under the hospitality of Arsenal - their sister club.

Manager Gary Smith (below) told MLSsoccer.com: "At this point, it’s probably not going to take place,".

"Arsenal were very keen to accommodate us but, due to some planning problems and some issues internally, we’ve just not been able to get it nailed down quick enough. It’s tough to get games at short notice in England. We are looking at probably a West Coast trip to get two to three competitive games."

He did however suggest that the Rapids might play host to the Gunners during the Premier League off-season. "I would hope that we are one of the first stops if they are planning to make the trip. The altitude would be good for them. We would like to reciprocate and do some things for them as they have done for us."

The MLS runs at a different time to the EPL, with their season playing from March - November. This is why players like Landon Donovan and David Beckham have been loaned to European clubs around January in the past.

The difference in league schedules also makes it tough for MLS teams to come to England for pre-season tours, as our teams so often do in the US. As mentioned above for example, Arsenal are still playing in four competitions (EPL, Carling Cup, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League) and would struggle to fit any time in for friendles.

It's a shame the US season clashes with the majority of European leagues' schedules. The fact it takes place at such a strange time (strange to an English fan, of course) could be partly to blame for why very little is known of the MLS in Britain.

Philip Wright-Lewis

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