Sunday, 30 January 2011

Salgado hints at MLS retirement

Blackburn Rovers veteran right-back Michel Salgado has suggested he could end his career in the US, when his new contract ends.

On January 27th, he signed a one-year contract extension meaning he'll remain at Ewood Park until the end of the 2011/12 season. But in an interview with the Lancashire Telegraph, he revealed that he's considered ending his career in the US or Australia.

"I wanted to finish my career either in the USA or Australia for more experience in my life, but there is a new deal and I never know when I am going to finish here."

Since signing for Rovers in August 2009, he's become a first-team regular at right back and has settled in Lancashire: "You have to enjoy life in England in the north. It is different, it is not Madrid but you have to enjoy it. When you come to a new country you have to realise you have to settle in that country, and it is you."

While I'm not sure what "it is you" means, Salgado has become a fan-favourite and he's definitely a well-liked man in the local area. When I visited the Blackburn training ground this season, I recall him greeting every journalist with a handshake and asking how they were etc. So if he does go Stateside, they'll be getting a good egg.

Philip Wright-Lewis

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