Monday, 14 February 2011

NYRB Transfer Rumours & The Other Rooney is Pranked

New York Red Bulls are being linked with numerous European stars as the season draws closer.

One player looking likely to become a Red Bull is Teemu Tainio, who played for Tottenham and Sunderland in the Premier League. He currently plays for Ajax, but is on trial with NYRB at the moment.

Hans Backe, the Red Bulls gaffer, has said he'd like to play the Finnish 31-year old as a right-back:

"I’ve seen him many, many times before. He’s very experienced player. Hopefully we can sign him. He’s normally been playing central midfield, a box-to-box midfield player. (But) we will use him to compete at the right fullback position."

The Red Bulls have also been linked with Bayern Munich forward, Miroslav Klose and Chelsea's Nicolas Anelka.

Backe has poured cold water on that though: "It's only rumours I can assure you. If we’re going to buy a player and a good one it would be in the central midfield. The most important thing is to have players in the midfield who can feed the strikers for the final chances."

The idea of Klose signing for an MLS club at this stage certainly does seem insane, but New York do still have one spare Designated Player slot for the wage cap exception.

In other NYRB news, while one Rooney spent this weekend scoring the goal of the season, the other one had a milkshake poured on his head by a team-mate. I know which one I'd rather see!

We've got some interesting stuff coming up in the next week or so, including:
- an interview with a member of the Chicago Fire staff
- a feature on the return of New York Cosmos
- a feature on Brits in the MLS

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back soon.

Philip Wright-Lewis

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