Monday, 15 August 2011

Robbie Keane to join LA Galaxy!

Well this is a bit unexpected!

Irish journeyman Robbie Keane is set to join LA Galaxy for a rumoured £3.5m.

The MLS transfer window slammed shut at 5am UK time this morning, but all parties involved are hoping he can squeeze through without breaking the rules.

The 31-year-old striker was given the choice between big-spending Leicester City and Los Angeles Galaxy, but has opted to leave England in favour of the latter.

Former-England gaffer, Sven Goran-Eriksson, has admitted defeat.

"I saw in the papers that Robbie Keane is going to play with David Beckham," he told the Leicester Mercury. "If that is right, it is difficult to compete.

"We can compete with Championship clubs but, when a player decides to go to the Premier League or if it is right Keane is going to LA, it is difficult."

If this transfer goes through, almost £80m will have been spent accumulatively on Keane, who had a short spell at Liverpool in 2008.

Juan-Pablo Angel is likely to exit the Galaxy to make room for Keane's arrival. The Colombian has been disappointing for the California club, and under MLS rules, only three players are allowed to earn above the wage cap - the other two being Beckham and Donovan.

The one-time Villa striker should join Philadelphia Union, if -once again - the clubs can manage to bend the rules of the transfer window.

Philip Wright-Lewis

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