Friday, 6 May 2011

Bunny-boiler: "Alan Smith wants to go to the MLS."

Premier League footballers aren't having a great year when it comes to their love lives.

With the news last week that a "well-respected family man" had been playing away with some nobody off Big Brother just about settling in, another bitter ex has had a go.

Everyone knows who the "family man" is of course, but nobody expected Alan Smith's former fiancée to launch a Twitter assault after their split.

Giving new meaning to the phrase 'sour grapes', Smith's supposed fiancée revealed info about his controversial move from Leeds to Man United, and told of his desire to move Stateside.

The hacker posted tweets suggesting that a rumoured return to Elland Road was not an option for the Newcastle clogger, and that he was more interested in the MLS:

"Alan Smith17
Don't be surprised if he doesn't join Leeds #MLS

Alan Smith17
Oh he wants to finish his career in the U.S as he can play till the late 30s and still get good money and a good lifestyle"

His management company have quickly denied that the poster had anything to do with Smith, despite her posting voicemails allegedly received from him.

It wouldn't be surprising to see him cross the Atlantic, but I'm not sure who would want him. Starting his career as a striker, he hasn't scored a single league goal since 2005, and has since been relegated to the position of defensive midfield due to his love for jumping into tackles. He currently has the second-worst disciplinary record in Premier League history, behind Bolton's Kevin Davies. He's also extremely injury prone and is currently out of fitness. SO, shall we start the bidding at... 50p?

In other news, Thierry Henry has played down the importance of the Red Bulls' upcoming game against LA Galaxy: "It isn’t a derby. It isn't Henry vs Beckham. It's just LA vs NY." Having played through the hatred and negativity of an el Clasico, I'm going to forgive him for trying to avoid derby connotations.

And former Liverpool forward, Djibril Cisse, could be looking for a move to the States. He is allegedly "examining the chance to play MLS and has interested groups in the US". Cisse is best known for scoring a penalty in the 2005 Champions League Final, and for being a picky customer at his local barber's.

Philip Wright-Lewis

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