Saturday, 26 March 2011

MLS: Major League Stoners?

Former Toronto FC winger, Rohan Ricketts, has revealed that a number of his former league-mates used to smoke cannabis.

Ricketts now writes for the online magazine, Sabotage Times, and made the claims in his column: 'Diary of a Pro Footballer'.

The one-time Tottenham and Arsenal player was reacting to Kolo Toure's failure of his recent drugs test, when he said:

"When I played in MLS, there were loads of young players straight out of college who liked to smoke weed. They were just carrying on their campus lifestyle even though they were now pros. One guy I played against got caught but the whole affair was swept under the rug which seemed a little unfair when just six months later two New York Red Bulls players Jon Conway and defender Jeff Parke got banned for taking performance enhancers. I guess it’s all about who you know…"

Rohan is 'well-known' for being the first British player to ply his trade in Moldova, where he joined FC Dacia Chisinau, after an unsuccessful stint in Hungary.

Currently, he is playing for German fourth-tier team, FC Wilhelmshaven, who he joined on this year's January deadline day.

Talk about globe-trotting, eh? Even so, it seems as though he's far more interested in pursuing a media career these days, and he lists himself as a 'TV/Radio personality' on his Twitter account.

I think a great place for him to start garnering some media attention would be right here at MLS Blighty. If you're reading this Rohan, be sure to give us a shout on Twitter! We'd love a chat!

N.B: Apologies for the recent quietness of the blog. My final-year work is piling up at Uni, and I've been making a lot of plans for my trip to L.A next week. Next excuse, my dog ate my notes...

Philip Wright-Lewis

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