Sunday, 18 September 2011

What they're earning: MLS Millionaires Revealed

The Major League Soccer Players' Union has publicised its annual salaries figures for the 2011 season.

Many were wondering just what exactly LA Galaxy were paying their new boy Robbie Keane (who recently scored his second goal), signed from Tottenham Hotspur this summer. The figures show that he is the fourth-highest earner in the division, raking in just under $3 million.

The info, released today, confirms what most people had suspected regarding the other high-rollers.

Landon Donovan comes in as fifth-highest with his $2.3 million salary, while it's Rafael Marquez, Thierry Henry and, you guessed it, David Beckham topping the wage stats this term.

The only other millionaire is Juan Pablo Angel, who was shifted to Galaxy's local rivals Chivas, to make room for Robbie Keane (as part of the 'Designated Player' rules in the MLS).

MLS Million-Earners 2011 Season:
  • DAVID BECKHAM (LA Galaxy): $5,500,000.08
  • THIERRY HENRY (New York Red Bulls): $5,000,000.04
  • RAFAEL MARQUEZ (New York Red Bulls): $4,600,000.00
  • ROBBIE KEANE (LA Galaxy): $2,917,241.40
  • LANDON DONOVAN (LA Galaxy): $2,300,000.00
  • JUAN PABLO ANGEL (Chivas USA): $1,000,000.00

It's alarming just how concentrated the money clearly is in the MLS, with Galaxy employing three of the highest-earners, and still paying some of Angel's wages (if the US football press is to be believed).

However, I do like the idea of the transparency of MLS wages for the fans to see. Some would argue that what players earn isn't the public's business, but a Premier League equivalent would make for interesting reading.

Another point to make is that everyone assumes the likes of David Beckham and co. are on similar contracts to Rooney or Tevez. His weekly wage works out at a converted rate of about £67,000 per week. This doesn't include his bonuses, but even so. Most of Man City's players would probably see that as meagre.

Sources: ESPN Soccernet, MLS Players Union

Philip Wright-Lewis

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